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Product Return Policy

All sales final, no cash or other refunds. Any returned items can be exchanged for same item only. All items sold by Florida Toners are warranted by the manufacturer/distributor only. There is no implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose on any item sold by Florida Toners. All returned checks will be subject to a $35 service charge. Florida Toners will not be responsible for any consequential or incidental damages resulting from sale or use of any merchandise purchase from us. Florida Toners liability is limited to the monetary value of the merchandise only. All late payments are subject to 1.5% interest monthly. All returns or exchanges must have original sales receipt.


What is the difference between standard yield and high yield?

A high-yield cartridge is a much better value as they usually print two to three times more pages for just a few dollars more than standard yield cartridges. In most cases there is not necessarily a difference in the size of the cartridge.

Moreover, our remanufactured or compatible ink cartridges that are considered standard yield might possibly contain more ink than the printer OEM brand cartridge.

Why do some of your cartridges look bigger, smaller, or different than the OEM cartridges?

Some of the aesthetic differences in website images and the products that our customers receive exist to avoid confusion of brands. Other differences are caused by our better replacement of parts and similar reasonable factors that affect the appearance but not the performance of your cartridge.

How do I get discounts or coupons?

There is a multitude of ways to receive discounts. The easiest would be to join the Florida Toners mailing list which offers frequent discounts by email. Additionally, there are occasional sales on the website as well as through other companies affiliated with us. We also encourage our customers to like and leave positive reviews for us on Facebook, Yelp, YP and Google+ for exclusive offers.

Why is the ink level displaying low or empty?

As a technology changes in printers, ink cartridges might attempt to communicate with the printers regarding the amount of ink remaining. The cartridges used in the most recent printer models can be reset once the ink cartridges are professionally remanufactured in our factories. However, some older models cannot be reset. The amount of ink used in these cartridges must be monitored by the consumer.

Why are your remanufactured and compatible cartridges so much less expensive?

Our compatible and remanufactured cartridges are produced using hi tech and efficient methods which translate into a less expensive product for our customers. The cost of marketing, advertising, and creating cartridges falls mostly on the original manufacturer.

What are remanufactured and compatible cartridges and do they differ from brand name?

A remanufactured cartridge is one that has been used once and returned to our factory. The cartridge is then put through an in-depth inspection, cleaning, and repair process before fully remanufacturing it with new ink, resealing it and reselling it at a big discount. Even though the actual portion of the cartridge that holds the ink is the same, the product that our customer receives is made of 60-80% new components.

A compatible cartridge is one that our factory has made brand new specifically to fit a certain printer. Even though it is not made by the brand name company that makes the printer, it has been made specifically for that printer and meets or exceeds the quality of the brand name one and we guarantee it.

The difference between our products and brand name is the price. Aside from the large financial disparity, there is also the concept of protecting the environment. Using our remanufactured cartridges greatly reduces pollution, landfills, as well as and oil and plastic consumption.