The cartridge I received is not printing

For best results place the cartridge in an upright position for several hours before usage. The ink in the cartridge has to go to the bottom of the cartridge in able to pass through the internal sponge to work. It is possible that during shipping the cartridges might not stay upright causing the ink to collect at the opposite end of the cartridge.

After you install a new cartridge, you should run the print head cleaning utility. This keeps the printers print heads or nozzles clean for optimal print quality. Please refer to your printer manual for instructions.

 Make sure to remove all designated adhesives and tapes only in order to expose air holes from the cartridge and not damage the cartridge by removing too much of the stickers (if applicable).

Do not leave empty cartridges in your printer. Your print head may become clogged. The print head is inside the printer, there is a chance that your print head is clogged or partially clogged – the print head is in the printer, and NOT in the cartridge.

 You can perform cleaning cycles through your printer utilities option on your printer or your computer and follow the instructions to print a test page. You can consult your printer’s instruction manual or manufacturers’ website for more information.

 You may have to repeat this process many times.

 If this fails to solve the problem, you can replace the cartridge with another one. If the problem persists most likely your print head is clogged – NOT the cartridge. The best way to clear this is to keep performing the cleaning cycles.

Do not squeeze or apply pressure to the cartridge when removing the tape or plastic cover as this may cause the cartridge to leak.

 Do not touch the chip on the cartridge as this may cause the cartridge to fail.

If my printer model is not on the cartridge box that I received, will this cartridge work with my printer?

There are too many printers that work with each cartridge to fit on the boxes. Some cartridges work with over 30 or more printers and there is simply not enough space on the box to list all the printers. As long as the numbers match the cartridge number for your printer then you have the right cartridge. Please try the cartridge in the printer and let us know, if they are wrong, they just will not print, and cannot harm your printer.

The cartridge I received looks bigger than the one in my printer

Many cartridges come in a protective plastic clip. Most time it is black in color like the cartridge and is L shaped. This might make the cartridge look bigger original cartridge. Please remove the protective plastic clip. After removing the clip your cartridge will look the same as your original cartridge.

What if my printer does not recognize cartridge?

This could occur with compatible cartridges with a chip in the front of the cartridge. The typical reason is that the chip is not properly connected with your printer. Make sure the cartridge properly seated. Try to push it firmly down to make sure it is properly seated. If this does not solve the problem, turn the printer power off then remove the cartridge and reinstall. Make sure it correctly seats. Turn the printer power back on and check if the cartridge is recognized. If not then you should repeat this process several times.

 This could also be caused by improper contact with the printer, or you could have dirty contact points on the cartridge or in your printer. You should clean the print head and the printer with a lint-free cloth or a slightly damped lint-free cloth that was dipped distilled water. It works best to clean in a circular motion.

 Try reinstalling the cartridge. Place the cartridge back into the holder and gently move the cartridge around a few times to make sure it is seated correctly. Then lock the cartridge back into place.

 What if my printer mistakenly shows the cartridge as empty?

Firstly to be sure it is virtually impossible for you to receive an empty cartridge.

 It is possible that your cartridge is not properly seated in your printer. Place your cartridge into its holder inside the printer and gently move the cartridge a few times to make sure it is correctly seated. Then lock the cartridge in place.

 Your printer does not actually read the ink level of the cartridge in any way. The printer software estimates the remaining level of the ink by the number of pages that have been printed since the last cartridge was installed. Sometimes when you change the cartridge without letting the printer driver reset it will still think you are using the old cartridge. Try to install the cartridge again and choose the “install new cartridge” option. This might be on your printers screen window or through your printer software on your computer, or both. You can refer to your printer instruction manual for more information. This can tell your printer software that you have installed a new cartridge and allow it to reset the internal page counter.

 My printer itself says out of ink or has a blinking light or the printer or computer has a related message box come up on your computer or printer monitor saying it is empty?

 If a light on your printer is blinking or displaying out of ink, make sure the contact points on the cartridge are completely clean.

 If it's a message on your computer from the printer control program or message box that's telling you its out, the issue is probably that the printer or its control software hasn't been reset or told a new cartridge was installed, which is ok as long as the cartridge is printing.

Horizontal or Vertical white lines appear in my printings or printout is light and not in focus

This could mean that the printer nozzles may be slightly clogged. You should run the print head cleaning utility 3-4 times before printing again, if after running the utility the problem is not resolved, the cartridge might be defective. Please contact us for a replacement cartridge.

Printer generates an error message or warning and refuses the cartridge installation

In this case you may need to reset the printer; you can do this by the following:

 First, with the cartridge installed, turn off the printer.

 Second, unplug the printer’s power source from the wall and wait for 30-60 seconds.

 Then, plug in the printer back in and turn power on

 If resetting the printer does not make the error message or flashing light to go away, then cartridge might be defective. Please contact us for a replacement cartridge.


 If you receive a warning, asking if you wish to continue using a non-brand name, click “Yes” to proceed and continue your normal printing operation, as this will not harm your printer and only allow it to function properly.